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Utopia - Wholesale

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Espresso.  Power your imagination and creativity without compromise.

Designed to be extracted by top-quality espresso machines, Utopia is our darkest roast and is created to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. The coffee beans have been roasted to showcase a complex taste profile which typically exhibits a rich depth, sweetness, citrus, and bitter flavor notes. It matches perfectly with any milk-based drink or straight espresso shots. 

Single Origin
Roast Level:

Tasting notes: Baker's chocolate, spices, dark chocolate, stout

Coffee: Colombia

Growers: 429 Smallholder Women Producers (COOCENTRAL)

Altitude: 1,350 to 1,800 meters above sea level

Process: Fully washed

Varietals: Caturra, Castillo, Variedad Colombia

Harvest: January - April

Net weight: 1/2 lb.

About the Growers:

The Women Coffee Growers Program started in 2017 and has two main goals: to coach women to strengthen their production management skills and to help empower them to have better control opportunities where they sell their coffee to get paid better.
To date, three phases of the program have been executed. Each phase covers the same
subjects but encompasses a different group of women. On the one hand, lectures on issues such as productivity, quality, leadership, and women empowerment are delivered, strengthening knowledge regarding farm management. On the other side, to improve drying infrastructure, the program supplied raised African drying beds to all the women who took part in the training.
Lastly, not only does the program highlight women coffee growers and their importance locally, but it also has given them visibility around the world due to the clients that purchase and carry their coffee globally.

    Utopia - Wholesale