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Cozy - Decaf Wholesale

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Decaffeinated coffee. You can embrace our great-tasting decaf coffee without feeling you're missing out on all the fun. Cozy is a flavorful, full-body coffee without the jitters some people feel after drinking regular coffee. It's an every day, anytime decaffeinated coffee.

Single Origin
Roast level: Medium

Tasting notes: Plum and juicy orange. Major notes of brown sugar, dark chocolate, and cheery sweetness. Medium acidity. Balanced and smooth.

Coffee: Certified Organic - ASOPEP Tolima Mujeres, Colombia 

Decaffeination method: EA Decaf Process

Harvest month: September - November

Altitude: 1600 - 2100 m.a.s.l

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Castello, Red Cattura, Yellow Cattura, Colombia F6, Typica

Net weight: 1/2 lb.

What is the EA Decaf Process?
The EA Decaf process is an all-natural method of decaffeinating coffee beans using ethyl acetate (EA), a chemical compound found in fruits, vegetables, and even our own bodies. The ethyl acetate utilized in this process is derived from renewable and sustainable sources such as sugarcane or cassava. Unlike other decaffeination techniques that employ chemicals like methylene chloride or carbon dioxide, the EA Decaf process doesn't leave any chemical residues in the coffee beans or the environment.

      Cozy - Decaf Wholesale