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This single-origin coffee is the most ambitious creation of our coffee project.  It's an explosion of intense flavors and aromas.  Without inhibition, Indulge is a masterpiece of the bold and bountiful taste of artisan coffee.  (It's our mad scientist brew) 

Single Origin

Roast Level: Medium

Tasting Notes: Green apple acidity. Major notes of plum, with nutmeg and cinnamon. A resemblance to red wine. Quick and clean finish. 

Coffee: Nicaragua - Natural process 

Grower: Marilec Sevilla

Region: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Altitude: 1200-1375 meters above sea level

Variety: Catimor, Catuai, Caturra, Marsellesas, Pacamara

Net weight: 1/2 lb.

About the Grower:

Marilec Sevilla’s family was originally a grain-producing family from the La Calera community in the Palacaguina Municipality, Department of Madriz, Nicaragua. When she was eight years old, she used to visit the coffee mills with her mother, and during her high school years, she worked part time sorting coffee to be able to pay for her clothes and school supplies. 
In 2000, a company called PRODECOOP arrived in her town, and her father managed to position himself as a security guard there; and she also got a position in the sorting department.  During that period, Marilec met the manager and taster of PRODECOOP, Eduardo Videa, and he was the first person to introduce Marilec to coffee tasting; and her first teacher. It was through him that Marelic developed a passion for coffee. 
In 2003 she started a new job at VOLCAFIC in Nicaragua as a Quality control assistant. Then, in 2004, she emigrated to Chiapas, Mexico, to work as the Q.C. Manager at COMPRAS S.A., where she worked with seven organizations of small producers of organic coffee and fair trade, where she spent six years.
In 2010, she went back to Nicaragua to work for a private company, Peraltacoffees S.A, as a Q.C. Manager and Responsible for Certifications. 
In 2019, Marilec founded her company, y Marilec Coffee, with the mission of providing a quality service in the commercialization of coffee from small unionized and individual producers from the different producing regions of Nicaragua. Her goal is to professionalize long-term relationships with the market, offering and guaranteeing a quality product in exchange for better income/fair prices to improve the quality of life of coffee-producing. 
Besides running Marilec Coffee, Marilec is also a small coffee producer. She, and her husband Alex, who is also a cupper, own two plots of coffee in Los Planes Dipilto N.S, where they also have a cupping lab and a small office where clients and producers can reach out to them.


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