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Espresso blend coffee - new large 1 lb. size

Joy Espresso Blend is our first blended coffee. The goal of espresso blending is to create a layered set of flavors that respond well to the intense mode of brewing that is espresso. Layering allows our coffee roaster to control the sensory balance of acidity, sweetness, and body in a coffee—specifically in a coffee that's going to be brewed to accentuate all of the characteristics of the beans in a less-than-subtle way. Joy is our attempt to achieve that magical balance. Enjoy!

    Espresso Blend
    Roast level: dark
    Tasting Notes: bakers chocolate, cardamom, cherry sweetness,  mid range brightness with a nutty and lingering finish
    Coffee: The blend is 80/20 percent split of Brazil/Rwanda
    Net weight: 1 lb.