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Cozy - Decaf

Cozy - Decaf

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Decaffeinated coffee. You can embrace our great-tasting decaf coffee without feeling you're missing out on all the fun. Cozy is a flavorful, full-body coffee without the jitters some people feel after drinking regular coffee. It's an everyday, anytime decaffeinated coffee.

Single Origin
Roast level: medium
Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, carob chips, and mild raw sugars 
Coffee: Nicaragua, Los Placers
Decaffeination method: Swiss Water Process
Net weight: 1/2 lb.


The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans.  The Swiss Water Process has quickly become one of the most popular methods of decaffeinating specialty coffee.

Using the SWP method, the coffee beans are soaked in a caffeine-free green coffee extract, allowing the caffeine to be extracted from the bean and into the solution while the flavor components are retained in the beans.  The coffee beans are then dried to their originating moisture level and re-bagged. The Swiss Water Process results in coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free.

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