Yelp Event at Cafenated Coffee Company – Cafenated Coffee Co.

Yelp Event at Cafenated Coffee Company

On Sunday, August 18, Elite Yelpers were invited to an event at Cafenated coffee company and cafe located in North Berkeley.  This event featured Komaaj known for its unique northern Iranian cuisine as well as wine and hand-crafted coffee and tea. The Yelpers enjoyed sampling our new food menu paired with a variety of hot and cold beverages.  Here is a comment from one of the Yelpers who really enjoyed the food - ‘I tried all of them and the most amazing one was the olives. The olives were very refreshing. It tasted sour and a bit salty and nicely mixed with the spices (I liked the blue dried flowers on top). The beet yogurt dip was amazing too.’  Another Yelper added - ‘I had their Matcha Latte and it was wonderful. No bitterness whatsoever even though I didn't add any sweetener to it. I love that they have Oat Milk too.’  We are glad everyone had such a good time and look forward to seeing all of you soon!

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