How to Create Your Own DIY Coffee and Tea Station

How to Create Your Own DIY Coffee and Tea Station

Blog by Lorena Romo


Sipping on a hot cup of espresso or Earl Gray tea is a rewarding experience. If you consider yourself a tea or coffee lover, you know that this daily tradition is an essential part of your routine. With your very own coffee and tea station, you’ll have a special place in your home to prep, serve, and enjoy these warm beverages in style. It’s a good idea to incorporate a coffee or tea station in your home to provide you with a separate space for teapots, coffee makers, mugs, and other accessories. Read on to learn how you can create the ultimate tea and coffee station for a fantastic beverage-making moment.

Find the Perfect Space

Before you start dreaming of creative coffee and tea-themed décor, you’ll need to decide which part of your home you want the station to be located. Here are some suggestions to help you decide which area will work best for you:

  • Kitchen: If you have lots of surface area on your counters, you can set up your station in a corner near the sink or fridge. Putting a coffee bar in this space makes a lot of sense, since you’ll be close to the sink and can easily fill up your tea or coffee pot with fresh water whenever you want it. You’ll also have quick access to snacks and breakfast here.
  • Living Room: For those who enjoy sipping their cups on the couch, the living room is another excellent choice. Find a convenient part of the room where you can place an accent table to support your accessories. Once you make your drink, you can curl up with a good book or your favorite TV show and relax.
  • Studio / Reading Room: Artists who love coffee and tea will adore the concept of their own private station in a studio or crafting space. This also works great in a quiet reading room or private home office area. If you’re the only person in the household who enjoys tea and coffee, this is ideal since you’ll have your very own private beverage prep station to enjoy in peace.
  • Cart: A serving cart with wheels is a versatile way to prepare and enjoy your tea or coffee. You can easily move the coffee cart anywhere you want, which makes this an ideal option if you have a smaller home or plan to serve guests some fresh tea and coffee with meals or dessert in the dining room.

Coffee Specifics

Every coffee lover has accessories they can’t live without. When setting up your coffee bar, make sure you select a few essential items to complete this space:

  • Choose your utensils: From stirring spoons to coffee scoops, make sure you have all the tools you need to measure, make, and mix your coffee close at hand.
  • Coffee Maker: Whether you have a drip coffee maker or an espresso machine, you’ll definitely need your coffee maker for this spot! Choose an area of your home close to an electrical outlet if you’re using an electric coffee maker.
  • French press: Die-hard coffee fans love the rich, bold flavor that a French press provides. Even if you don’t use your French press every day, they’re a beautiful way to add creative décor to your coffee station.
  • Accessories: A few other accessories may include coffee filters, containers to store your coffee, stir sticks, and an assortment of coffee mugs in various sizes. Keep your favorite cup in this space to pour your coffee as soon as it’s ready. Add a coffee canister with a tight seal to store your grounds and keep them fresh.

When it comes to coffee essentials, you can also include a few spices to play with to give your drink some bold flavor. Ginger, vanilla, cardamom, and cinnamon are all excellent choices that can give a hot cup of Joe a little pick-me-up.

You can go here to find out what is the perfect coffee blend for you.

Tea Specifics

If you’re a fan of tea, you’ll need an assortment of essentials to complete your stylish new tea station. Check these items off your list, so you have everything ready:

  • Choose your utensils: Make sure you have plenty of teacups and stirrers like a small teaspoon to keep the tea flowing. You’ll also need a quality tea strainer to keep loose tea leaves out of your beverage. Sugar is optional, but it’s a good idea to have some stashed in a small canister so you can add as many lumps to your teacup as you like.
  • Teapot: Teapots come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles. Bring in a teapot that adds a fun look to your tea station like one made of a colorful ceramic or decorated enamel. An electric teapot is a great way to heat water fast without using the stove if you’re in a hurry or if your tea station isn’t close to the kitchen.
  • Tea set and accessories: A sweet tea set is a great addition to any tea station. Look for a set that includes a tray, teapot, and several matching cups or tea mugs. Not only is a tea set convenient, but it’s also a charming decoration that can add color and style to your prep station.

Once you’ve got all your tea specifics in place, be sure to include several varieties of teas so you can play around and make different flavor blends. Chamomile, Earl Gray, chai, and lemongrass are excellent flavors that work well together. Keep each tea blend stored in an airtight tin or small container to mix and match flavors anytime.


If you want to set up a cozy and relaxing tea or coffee station, make sure you include some awesome furniture in this space.

  • A sturdy wood or metal table will give you a solid, reliable surface where you can place your coffee maker, French press, or tea set. The table can be large or small, but compact size is best if you’re just using it to prepare beverages.
  • If you have extra floor space, add a bookshelf to this part of the room along with a comfortable chair. You’ll love relaxing and reading a few great books as you sip on your favorite drink.
  • You can repurpose an old dresser and repaint it in a fun color. An upcycled dresser is a perfect addition to a tea and coffee station since you can use the drawers for storage, and it adds a sweet vintage vibe to your little tea or java-sipping nook.


Speaking of storage, it’s important to make sure you have ample room for all the things you need.

  • Mount racks on the wall, so it’s easy to grab everything within close reach. Wall racks also free up the surface space on your coffee or tea station table.
  • Floating shelves can give the tea and coffee station a café-inspired look and feel.
  • If you don’t want to put all of your accessories and tools on display, cabinets are a great alternative to open shelving. When you use cabinets, you can keep everything neatly tucked away and out of sight.
  • A few woven or wire baskets give you a quick way to keep all of your coffee and tea accessories in one location. Label the baskets with a small chalkboard label or a tag with ribbon, so you know exactly what’s stored in each one.
  • You can DIY your own containers and canisters for a custom touch. Wrap an empty metal coffee can in some fabric or wallpaper for a charming storage solution.


For a trendy and stylish tea station or coffee bar, you’ll want to add your own personal touch. Here are a few trendy styles to give you a bit of inspiration:

  • It’s easy to recreate a coffee shop vibe in your own home. Hang a chalkboard on the wall and write down a “menu” with chalk featuring your favorite tea or coffee combos. An oversized mug wall sculpture or artwork showcasing coffee themes makes for an adorable space, too.
  • Dress up your tea station in vintage style with bundles of dried herbs. Hang the herbs upside down and wrap them in long, velvet ribbon for a charming touch. Frame some vintage menus under glass to add to the retro-inspired theme.
  • If you love modern aesthetics, add some sleek barstools to your coffee or tea station space. Place loose tea leaves or ground coffee in large, clear canisters with a copper lid for a contemporary touch. An abstract painting or metal wall sculpture will round out the modern look. 

Whether it’s mocha, espresso, or latte, you can enjoy the perks of having your own coffee bar at home. Those who appreciate delicious chamomile, lemon, or green tea will love the idea of setting up a quiet and cozy tea station in the kitchen or living room. Try a coffee cart if you need to make your beverage station mobile. No matter what you decide, or what type of coffee or tea you like, you’ll love the convenience of having your own private beverage-making space.


Ms. Lorena Romo is contributing writer at Porch who regularly writes about better home living.

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